Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Hampshire Wedding Photography | Church Landing | Kaleigh & Fabrizio

Ohhhh Kaleigh & Fabrizio!!!  On first meeting them both they seem a little quiet and reserved, but put the two of them together and all bets are off!  They truly light up in one anthers presence and it was an amazing thing to witness!  Plus from a photographers point of view I think they were rock stars for spending so much time with me outside in the the cold to get some amazing pictures!  They had a small, intimate wedding as Fabrizio's family is from Italy (in fact his groomsmen ... aka "the Italians'" weren't able to fly in until the night before the wedding.  It all went off with out a hitch and man did these tow look amazing!

Much love and luck to you both!

Venue: Mill Falls

Fabrizio wore his grandfather's wedding ring.

Yeah ... she's gorgeous!

I have photographed at Church Landing numerous times .... this is the first time I realized how cool their ceiling is!

I LOVE to experiment with my photos and I wasn't quite sure how this was going to work ... but I must say I really kind of like it :-)

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