Monday, August 31, 2009

Amy and Frank

OK, the insanity has begun and I wanted to at least get a slideshow of Amy and Frank's wedding up even if the some of our favorite photos have to follow.  I have to start by saying that Amy and Frank were an absolute blast to work with!  They  were up for anything, especially having a good time.  They, like more and more of our couples seem to be doing lately, decided to do all of their family photos ahead of time so that they could enjoy cocktail hour.   Now we understand tradition, but love it when people break this one rule and do their photos before hand.  It gives us so much more time and you can go at a more relaxed pace so that by the end the bride and groom aren't ready to throw our cameras at us ... our only problem ... and I wouldn't really call it a problem exactly ... was that it was H-O-T and it was noon when we started pictures.  We were looking for anything that could provide the couple and their families with a little cover from the sun so that they didn't melt away before the wedding.  Lucky for us, the wedding was in Amy's parents backyard over looking a beautiful pond so there was no shortage of areas to take pictures in ... 

We had a great day and really enjoyed working with everyone.  A big thank you to Leslie from The Wedding Belle!  You did an amazing job and we appreciate all your help!

More pics to follow ... for now enjoy the slideshow ... and take in all the little details that made Amy and Frank's wedding so special!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Michael and Diana - a beautiful day on the lake!

I have to start by saying that I was so honored (and a little nervous) when Michael and Diana hired us to photograph their wedding ... you see Michael is a pretty talented photographer himself.  It's not often I have camera envy for my clients cameras :)  

The super cute couple came out from California to get married at Michael's brother's house on Squam Lake.  The went sans wedding party aside from their pooch, Morgan, who was a trooper and managed to stay out of the water ... for the ceremony at least.   She did go for a little swim after.  Because Michael is a photographer, I think he was a little more daring than some other clients and he convinced a slightly reluctant Diana to take her first ever canoe ride after the ceremony.  I myself actually forgot how tipsy a canoe can be so I was a little nervous with 3 of our 4 camera sitting in the boat with us, but the end result was SOOO worth the few butterflies in my stomach over some wet equipment.  Here's a few images and a slide show of their day!  Thank you again Michael and Diana, we had a blast!

The reveal ... how cute is that expression?

I don't think either of them stopped smiling all day!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Amber and Derrick - A Day to Remember

Amber and Derrick's wedding is not one we are going to forget anytime soon ... nor will anyone else in attendance that day. What a day it was! Amber and Derrick's plan the entire time was to get married outside at Newcastle Commons in Newcastle, NH. Anyone who has ever been there knows this is an absolutely stunning location! SOOOOOO, when the forecast was predicting rain you can only imagine that this may have thrown a little wrench in the plans. NOPE! The radar was predicting a small "break" in the rain around the time of their ceremony .... as you can tell by the photos, the radar was a little off, but the ceremony was perfect none the less. As photographer's we are always trying to let couples know that rain on your wedding day isn't the end of the world and you can still get FABULOUS photos ... rain just adds more character.

After the ceremony, their evening continued over at the Galley Hatch in Hampton with DJ Kibar from A Main Event DJ's ... and of course ... it stopped raining :)

To Amber and Derrick ... Thank you for being so committed to your plan of getting married outside, we may have been a little wet, but we had a great time!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jillian and Michael

Jillian and Michael gave us our first opportunity to work at Wentworth by the Sea in Newcastle, New Hampshire. Now, I have actually been in a wedding there a number of years ago, but I had never worked as a vendor there. We were so impressed at the level of service they provided that we can't wait to work there again ... plus what photographer wouldn't want to work in a historic hotel over looking the water?????? We were also lucky enough to be able to grab some time down on the docks after it was dark out ... some of those boats are bigger than my house ... truly AMAZING! All in all, everything about the day was right out of a fairy tale ... from the great location to the beautiful weather, they even had a horse and carriage and then they were off to Disney World for their honeymoon. 

To Jillian and Michael a big THANK YOU for including us in your special day!