Monday, August 31, 2009

Amy and Frank

OK, the insanity has begun and I wanted to at least get a slideshow of Amy and Frank's wedding up even if the some of our favorite photos have to follow.  I have to start by saying that Amy and Frank were an absolute blast to work with!  They  were up for anything, especially having a good time.  They, like more and more of our couples seem to be doing lately, decided to do all of their family photos ahead of time so that they could enjoy cocktail hour.   Now we understand tradition, but love it when people break this one rule and do their photos before hand.  It gives us so much more time and you can go at a more relaxed pace so that by the end the bride and groom aren't ready to throw our cameras at us ... our only problem ... and I wouldn't really call it a problem exactly ... was that it was H-O-T and it was noon when we started pictures.  We were looking for anything that could provide the couple and their families with a little cover from the sun so that they didn't melt away before the wedding.  Lucky for us, the wedding was in Amy's parents backyard over looking a beautiful pond so there was no shortage of areas to take pictures in ... 

We had a great day and really enjoyed working with everyone.  A big thank you to Leslie from The Wedding Belle!  You did an amazing job and we appreciate all your help!

More pics to follow ... for now enjoy the slideshow ... and take in all the little details that made Amy and Frank's wedding so special!

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