Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sarah and Chris ... check out those shoes :)

Sarah and Chris got married at the Mount Washington Resort in Bretton Woods.  This was our first time there and we can't wait to go back.  You can't turn around without finding another amazing place to take pictures in.  I'm sure we barely scratched the surface with this gorgeous couple.  Take a look at the photos ... you'll see I'm not exaggerating when I say how beautiful these two are.  They look like they stepped out of the pages of a magazine.  Sure made our job easy ... and Sarah's sense of style also helped a great deal.    You can't beat her bright red stiletto heels.  After watching her walk around in those all day, she is now my super hero.  

Thank again Sarah and Chris.  Enjoy!

The Dress ... and of course the shoes.  LOVE the shoes!
The beautiful bride!

The dashing groom!
There are those shoes again ... 

The girls ... aren't those colors AMAZING!

All the tough guys!  So FUN!

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  1. We apparently have another connection. I grew up with Sarah! She's always been beautiful, and it was no different this day!
    -Desiree (Bridesmaid in Andrea/Mike's wedding)