Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Hampshire Birth Photographer | Meet Miracle Baby Lillian

I always struggle with finding words to explain the experience of photographing a birth.  Just like a wedding each one is so unique, but nothing compares to being in the room when a new life enters the world.  I think that's why I love documenting births so much ... because sometimes words can't do an experience justice but photos can bring you right back to that moment.  

Catharine and Bryant's story is an amazing one that should give hope to so many people.  After struggling with infertility they conceived their first child, a beautiful boy, through IVF.  Their second attempts at IVF were not as successful and they decided to adopt.  In October 2012 They adopted a beautiful baby girl.  Then, after years of infertility ... surprise!  They found out they were pregnant ... all on their own.  They now have 3 miracle babies!

Catharine (who is also an amazing photographer) had placenta previa which meant she had to have a scheduled c section at 36.5 weeks.  She and her husband invited me to document this amazing experience and I got to witness their beautiful miracle baby girl, Lillian Vera, enter the world.  

(disclaimer: Some photos may be considered graphic)

Getting prepped but the amazing staff at CMC.
Catharine and Bryant are reunited in the OR.
She's here!

Mom and Dad see their daughter for the first time.
5 perfect toes.
First moments together as a family.  Skin to skin time in the OR.  
Welcome to the work Lillian Vera.  You are an angel!

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