Monday, June 8, 2009

Nena and Adam and the "secret garden"

We just love Nena and Adam!  Nena and Adam broke tradition and did all of their formal photos before the ceremony, something that is becoming more and more common now and allows us so much extra time to have fun and take AMAZING pictures.  Once the family photos were finished we went over to this little pocket park that was chocker block full of daisies and lupins (well, I think they were lupins, but I'm not 100% sure about that ... what ever they were, they were beautiful!)  N & A  were troopers and went right smack dap in the middle of the garden and from the pictures you'd think they were in the English Country side, not down town Manchester.  So much fun!  From the photos we all headed over to Fratello's for their ceremony.  We are always so thrilled when we get to work at Fratello's, the wedding coordinator there, Loretta, is an absolute doll and we just love her to pieces.  And Divine Linens and PJ's flowers did an amazing job decorating the room.  Nena and Adam had a Black and White theme and Divine Linens came through with gorgeous linens and table runners, and PJ filled the room with lights everywhere.  It looked truly amazing!!!!  With the ceremony over and Adam and Nena man and wife we decided to take a quick ride over to the river walk in Manchester and after Nena kicked off her amazing black heels in exchange for a more comfy shoe we went on a little trail walk and were able to get some fabulous photos as the sky changed colors and turned to night.  Now we know that it is not tradition to see each other before the ceremony, but Nena and Adam's wedding is the perfect example of why it can be a good idea.  We got an entire hour to take pictures of them alone and had time to do things we don't always get to do.  Check out the photos in their slideshow, you'll see what we mean.  

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