Sunday, October 25, 2009

Granite Rose New Hampshire Wedding Photography | Sophia and Jeff

We hit it off with Sophia and Jeff when we first met them.  Our first meeting went on for ages with great conversations and wonderful stories by Jeff ... before we knew it it was almost 10:00.  I felt awful for keeping them out so late and not feeding them dinner :)  When they called that week and asked us to photograph their wedding I was SUPER excited because I knew it was going to be a great day ... they did not disappoint.  They had both their ceremony and reception at the Granite Rose.  This is a great place for wedding photography because it not only has all the nice landscaped gardens, but it has all kinds of little nooks and crannies that us wedding photographers love to get all creative with.  And Sophia and Jeff were a photographer's dream ... so natural with each other and so willing to have fun with the photos.  Plus everyone in the wedding party was married so I really enjoyed having fun with that ... it's not every wedding I can ask the entire wedding party to kiss :)  (Well, I guess I could ask, but I might get some funny looks ... I'll have to give it a try sometime)

Cheers to the happy couple!
How cool are those shoes?!?!?!
Sophia and her twin sister ... this has been a summer of twins for us :)

A great moment between father and daughter before being given away ... I got a little misty here!

The kissing party ... LOVE IT!

If you've ever been to a Greek wedding, you'll understand this and the next photo ... by the end of the night, money was scattered all over the dance floor!

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