Friday, June 18, 2010

Maine Wedding Photography | Spruce Point Inn | Shoshanna & Dave

The photo that started it all back in 2008 when Shoshanna and Dave were guests at another wedding we photographed ... The rest is history :)
We LOVE Sho!!!!  .... don't worry Dave, we love you too :)  We have a history with these two love birds.  We met them a few years back and since then Sho has been referring us all the place ... We just kept waiting for them to get engaged so we could stop seeing them as guests and finally see them in the spot light.  We knew that was going to be something special.  So when the call FINALLY came last year that Dave had popped the question ... we were beyond excited to take part.  From their love for photography to their attention to detail we were in photo bliss.  What a perfect day!

Thank you for including us and I'm sure we will see you again :)

Hand made ring "pillow" ... custom wood burned by Dave ... along with so many other custom burned items that day :)


Sho and Dave decided to see each other before the wedding and we took a ride down to Ocean Point in Booth Bay Harbor Maine for the this and the following photos ... one of the benefits of doing photos before the ceremony is the extra tie it allows to do things like this :)

I seriously LOVE them :)

Sho's ring was hand carved to match her engagement band.
OK, not the most stellar photo ... but it was too fun not to include :)

Where the reception was there wasn't a clear view to the ocean, but I peeked outside and saw pink in the distance, so I ran to tell the couple that the sun was setting to see if they wanted to head out for a few shots.  Of course they did ... as we were waiting for the golf cart and seeing the sun quickly setting Sho decided to make a run for it ... She had changed into her "dancing shoes" (see video below) and ran from the reception building to the docks at full speed ... It was a sight to see ... but boy was it worth it!!!!

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