Friday, November 4, 2011

Wedding Photography NH | Bedford Village Inn | Kim & Jason

It all started with a baton and a trumpet ... Kim and Jason met at UNH where Kim was a twirler and Jason played the trumpet with the marching band.  They have been together ever since ... though Jason has put the trumpet down, Kim is still a very active baton twirler ... and quite talented I might add!

They had a beautiful late fall wedding at the Bedford Village Inn and were surrounded by family and friends!  IT was a great day to be a part of ... and as it turns out Kim and Jason have recently become somewhat neighbors of ours.  It will be great running in to them through the years.

Much love and luck to you both!

Venue: Bedford Village Inn

Kim and her girls getting ready for the big reveal!
I LOVE private tearful revealing moments where the couple can give each other a big embrace ....
... and Kiss

They had such a beautiful twilight ceremony!

Kim and Jason met at UNH ... Kim was a twirler and Jason played the trumpet in the marching band.

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  1. the photos are perfect!!!! I especially love the twirler/trumpet player shot! Marian Royal