Friday, July 13, 2012

Massachusetts Wedding Photographer | Smith Barn | Diana & Chris

We have all heard the term "bridezilla" ... well Diana is the exact opposite of everything you would think that word means.  I have never met a more relaxed bride in all my years of working in weddings ... (and that's a lot of years!)  She was so easy to be around and just so absolutely ... well, happy!  (which I guess considering that it was her wedding day is a good thing, but something leads me to believe that this is her general state of mind)

Diana and Chris had their wedding at Smith Barn in Peabody Mass. (come to realize I have another wedding there on the exact same day next year!)  I love this venue for it's rustic feel and beautiful grounds.  These two were such good sports because it was a tad bit HOT, but we still made our way around making good use of the shade when we could find it.  Be sure to take a good look at all the flowers ... Diana and her bridesmaids made them all the night before the wedding!  (I think someone may have a new career path)

Love, Luck and Happiness to you both!

PS Chris, I still strongly disagree with you and think you can most definitely develop flavors in a crock pot ;-)
Venue: Smith Barn

I love everything about this image!
Here comes the bride :-)
I know that some people are afraid of losing something by seeing each other before the ceremony ... but I simply love these amazing moments between couples the first time they see each other ... it's something you don't get coming down the isle.

These socks make me smile ... a lot!

Every wedding needs a flash mob!

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