Monday, November 19, 2012

NH Fall Wedding | The Crown Plaza | Rebecca & Rob

I met Rebecca (who also goes by Becca which had my head spinning all night ;-) ...) and Rob when I photographed Becca's sister Amanda's wedding last year.  This family is just one of those families that you want to be around.  Becca and her sister are definitely apples of their father's eye.  I got choked up when he saw them for the first time.  The look on his face was such a mix of joy, love and pride!  I was so thrilled when I go the call to photograph Becca's wedding as well :-)  There's still an unmarried brother so maybe I'll get to see you all at least one more time ;-) 

There is also the fact that Rebecca is absolutely stunning!  (yes, Rob, you are part of this post too ;-) ...) Put the two of them together, combine the gorgeous fall foliage, that we were SOOOO lucky to still have at the end of October, and the amazing end of day light and you had a photographer's dream. 

Thank you for inviting me into your special day!  I was thrilled to be there.

Florist: Fortin Gage
Bakery: Jacques
I just love the beautiful glow of light in this image!

The first time Daddy sees his little girl.  Always an emotional moment!
There's that look from Dad again!
Ohhhh . My . Goodness!  That's all!
The Room at The Crown Plaza was breathtaking!
According to Becca's mom, she has always been all about the bling!


  1. I guess the true testament to a photographer’s talent is to be able to elicit the emotions felt when the pictures were actually taken, upon review of those photos at a future date. So I just went through the initial set of pictures available and I have watered up eyes and my nose is running . Thanks for bringing back those memories again. This is just one of the reasons (albeit the primary one) that we wouldn’t trust any other 2 people with taking pictures on such precious days. The fact that both of you happen to be extremely likeable people doesn’t hurt either !

  2. Becca! You looked absolutely beautiful! I am so proud of you - as your cousin, you have grown into such a stunning and intelligent woman, I love you! Sara

  3. Becca and Rob, you both look amazing and what a special day. I have tried several times to leave a post, so hopefully this one goes through. This is a day you will remember for always. You both look blissfully happy and Rebecca and Mike did an amazing job capturing those emotions. Love, Mom L.