Monday, June 13, 2011

NH wedding photographer | The Crowne Plaza, Nashua | Amanda & Max

We saw Amanda and Max at two weddings in a row a few summers ago.  (Amy and Frank and Sarah and Chris) We were so excited when they called us when their engagement followed soon after!  
Mother Nature was a bit finicky with us ... pouring one minute, sunny the next, but we took our opportunities when we had them and had a great time!  Amanda and Max were so laid back, they made it easy ... A great time was had by all and we so enjoyed being a part of it!   

I LOVE her shoes!!!!  I would cause myself serious bodily harm in them, but I like to dream that I am coordinated for shoes as awesome as these.

Max was just dyeing to turn around!

This garter toss was no holds barred!


  1. Seriously FABULOUS pictures and what a BEAUTIFUL bride! I will not lie, I cried looking at some of the pictures. You do AMAZING work, Rebecca!!! I really wish you had done my wedding photography. <3

  2. Lyn Ruane VignolaJuly 18, 2011 at 10:55 AM

    The word "awesome" is so overused these days…. But this collection of photographs of the Vignola/Lavoie wedding truly merits the use of the word "awesome" and it still doesnt quite describe the outstanding work of these talented individuals! Thank you for brilliantly capturing this most cherished event! Warm Regards!

  3. The beauty of this wedding and the beautiful newlyweds, was truly captured by these extremely talented people.

  4. Such an amazing wedding and so beautifully captured with these photographs.