Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Maine Wedding Photography | Union Bluff Hotel | Jenna and Josh

All of our weddings are special, but Jenna & Josh's wedding was just a little extra special.  Although I had never met Jenna and Josh (well, I had met Jenna very briefly a long time ago) before they started planning their wedding, my father-in-law has been best friends with Jenna's father for years.  Mike's Dad actually officiated Jenna and Josh's big day.  It's always nice to be able to document such joyous occasions when you know so many of the special guests.  

Thank you Jenna and Josh for having us ... and for being so brave as to walk along the boardwalk on York Beach with the huge rain threat ... the stunning photos (and stories you will have for years to come) are worth it all.

Jenna & Josh had one of the best "first looks" ever!  

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