Monday, June 17, 2013

New Hampshire Wedding Photographer | Castleton Banquet Center | Lili & Wen

Lili and Wen contacted us a few months ago to photograph their intimate wedding at Castleton in Windham.  Their wedding was a unique experience for Mike and I, and what an amazing one it was.  Aside from speaking with us and the venue, the rest of the day was spoken in Chinese.  What was so evident to Mike and I (and we commented to each other about it numerous times throughout the day) without knowing what the conversations or speeches were about was how much fun people were having and how much love there was in the room for both Lili and Wen.  We spent most of the day truly watching and it was so amazing to experience a wedding in that way.  

Thank you Lili and Wen for giving us the opportunity to really SEE love in action.  We had an amazing day with you both!

Living out of state, Lili and Wen didn't have an opportunity for an engagement session, so they decided to take some time before the ceremony to have a quick casual session to get comfortable in front of the camera.  It was such a great idea!

 The wind made photos after the ceremony fun.  We took opportunities between wind gusts to get the more formal photos ....
 ... and took the opportunity during wind gusts to get some really fun ones!
 There is something about this image I just love :-)

Lili changed before their lunch reception into a more traditional Chinese dress.  She was absolutely stunning!

This is what we got to see all day.  Pure happiness.

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