Tuesday, October 22, 2013

White Mountain Weddings | Camp Ogonz | Fallon and Jason

Way up in northern New Hampshire there is a little piece of Heaven called Camp Ogonz.  They do a hand full of weddings a year and it is an absolutely breathtaking place.  It was the perfect place for Fallon and Jason's wedding.  These two just make sense ... everything they do is better together.  In the words of Pheobe Buffay... He is her lobster ;-)  (any Friends fans will get that, if not watch here and here)

I fully expect these two to be scaling mountains together well into their 80's!  

Love to you both!

Here's to the other amazing vendors who took part in this special day!

Jewler: Celtic Revival


  1. These pictures are beautiful, but then how could they be anything but beautiful with the beautiful couple, the wedding party, the families, and the location. What a great time!
    Best wishes for your future happiness! With love, Uncle Tom

  2. Just like as Fairy Tale! The people,the place, the happening,the weather. Ogontz was just suited for Jay and Fallon and such a perfect place for their marriage. All very very special !!! Hats off to the Ogontz people and the photographer team. Love Gram