Friday, November 1, 2013

NH Vineyard Weddings | LaBelles Winery | Maura & Justin

Oh Maura and Justin ... just too sweet and awesome for any words to do them justice.  They are probably one of the most relaxed couples we have ever worked with.  Maura was just so "chill" about the whole wedding ... well I did hear that she may have been blocked from the weather channel in the days leading up to the wedding (Which was actually a genius idea on Justin's part ... no need to stress over what you can not change :)  And the weather worked out Ah-Mazing-Ly!!!  The foliage was gorgeous and the people weren't half bad themselves ... I kid ... the people were rockstars!

OK, enough from me.  Thank you both so much for having us as part of your special day and a big shout out to my brother Jim for "introducing" us.

I just love the deep breath Justin took when really seeing her for the first time!  It was spectacular!

That's a pretty good looking wedding party if I do say so myself.

 This may have been the cutest thing I've seen this wedding season.  The confused ring bearer trying to figure out where to go.  Melt my heart :-)
The sunset at LaBelles is top notch!  It went through multiple phases from a mild yellow to a deep red and ending with some blue.  Everytime you turned around it was even more spectacular!

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