Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cynthia and Matt - FUN with a capital F!!!

I L.O.V.E this car!

Our attempt at Bonnie and Clyde ... google them you'll see what we were going for ... Cynthia and Matt are too nice to be serial killers though :)

I want to start by saying that we really do have fun at all of the weddings we go to, but Cynthia and Matt just made our day!  From the 1930's car ... refinished by Matt's dad ... to the pinstripe suits, to the top hats and even the cigar cutters, no detail was overlooked.  We even had some fun recreating a Bonnie and Clyde photo.  They had their wedding at Topsfield Commons, and the atmosphere fit perfectly with the old school theme of the day.  Check out their video ... I just couldn't resist the music :)

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