Monday, July 6, 2009

Nancy and Bill

Nancy and Bill's wedding provided a first for us ... they arranged for us to be chauffeured around Squam Lake in a boat on a gorgeous Saturday to take pictures ... and I get paid for this .. really????? Have I mentioned that I love what I do :) I do feel a little bad for Mike who had to play the role of Gumby and contort himself in all different directions to stay hidden from view in the back seat of the boat while still getting photos himself. Luckily nancy had an amazing cathedral length veil (which looked UNBELIEVABLE blowing in the wind!!!) that he so conveniently hid under at times.

Of course mother nature kept us on our toes again not knowing if we were going to be able to go out to Church Island until almost the very last minute, but the thunder and lightning kept it's distance and only threatened us a few times. If you look closely there is actually a faint rainbow stretching across the sky behind them in one of the pictures ... I honestly didn't even notice it until it was up on my computer screen. It was a very WOW moment :)

After a great boat ride where Nancy and Bill led us to the location of their first kiss and the spot where Bill popped the question ... both of which happened on Squam Lake we all head over to the Rivers Edge Marina ... which Bill's brother owns and hosted a great reception. This is one wedding we're sure not to forget any time soon.

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