Friday, October 15, 2010

New York Wedding Photography | The Canfield Casino, Saratoga Springs | Chrissy & Adam

The joining of Chrissy and Adam and Garone Photography was meant to be :)  Chrissy and Adam live about 15 minutes from our studio in Sandown and happened to be getting married about 15 minutes from where my sister lives in New York ... on a weekend when we would have been out there anyway for my nephews' birthday party ... it was fate that brought them to our booth at a bridal show in NH.  When they walked into our booth, just browsing, Chrissy mentioned how far way they were getting married ... they weren't even really looking locally for a photographer ... then she told me the wedding was going to be held at the Canfield Casino in Saratoga Springs... the rest is history :)

Much LOVE to Chrissy and Adam!  We had so much fun with you!

 They were married in front of the Spit and Spat fountain in Congress Park ... which I all day kept referring to as Spic and Spac ... 

 Congress Park also has the benefit of having an enclosed Carousel ... I'm not sure who was more excited ... me or them!

 No wedding is complete without a little arm wrestling competition :)

Chrissy got him good!

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