Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wedding Photography NH | The Chase House | Cristin & Jeff

Cristin and Jeff are my kind of couple ... FUN!  I know from the moment Jeff hung upside down in a tree during their engagement session to recreate a scene from Spiderman that this was going to be a great day!  They did not disappoint!

Big hugs to you both!

I just love how Mom, Dad, and groom are looking at Cristin in this photo :)

I love it when the entire wedding party is married or engaged .... see the couple all the way to the left?  Keep your eye out for them next year :)

Yes, yes ... this is Jeff being wrapped in bubble wrap ... it was for his own protection ... he is apparently a little accident prone and they wanted him to make it safely through his wedding day :)


  1. Awesome! Love you Cristin!!! :)

    Katie Menard

  2. Rebecca! Gorgeous as always - thanks for the shout-out to our wedding next year - we are settling into our new house and are scoping out photo locations already!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures!!!!!
    You picked such a nice creative photographer too! You both look like the happiest couple in the world.
    Here's wishing you all the happiness you deserve.
    Love you both, Carol and Bruce