Monday, August 20, 2012

New Hampshire Wedding Photographer | Castleton | Lynore and Andrew

In this day and age, the tradition of not seeing your soon to be husband/wife for the first time before you walk down the isle is becoming less taboo than ever before.  Lynore and Andrew's "first look" is exactly the reason I love these so much.  These moments are so unscripted, so real!  They by no means take the place of walking down the isle and seeing your soon to be spouse waiting there to marry you ... a first look isn't designed to replace that ...  It gives the couple a chance to really take one another in and say all the things you want to say in those last moments before you meet up with all of your family.  You can hug, cry, kiss & laugh   The two " momemts" are different and both incredibly special in their own right.  One is the first time you SEE your fiance on your wedding day, the other is walking down the isle as a fiance knowing you will walk back out as a wife (or husband)  ... Check out Lynore and Andew's first look, you'll see what I mean.  So powerfully emotional!  

So happy to have been able to capture that for them!  Love & Luck

Oh, yeah, check out Andrew's dance moves ... he sure knows how to make an entrance :-)

Venue -  Castleton
Florist PJ's
Bakery Jaques
Videographer - iWed Video

 I loved her grandfather's military tags on her bouquet!  So touching!
 The next few photos are a series from their "first look".  Such pure emotion and joy!

 I've been wanting to try a photo like this forever.  So happy with the way it turned out.  Mike is being a ninja in the front seat holding my flash :-)

 This is how you make an entrance.  Watch the slideshow for more images from their dance down the isle ... Andrew is living proof that white men CAN jump ;-)

 Nothing like a boy / girl dance off to kick off the night!

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