Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Hampshire Wedding Photographers | Sky Meadow Country Club | Emily & Dimitri

As a photographer I can try to give advice on the best time for your photos based on light and so on but it's really not always something we have a lot of control over depending on the timing of everything else on your big day.  Taking photos at the end of the day is by far my favorite time of day for light.  The light becomes soft and golden and yummy ... If I had my way, every wedding formal session would be done in the 2 hours leading up to sunset ... (this is not to say I can't get amazing photos any time of day, this is just my favorite) ... Well, as it worked out it was the exact time we were taking photos for Emily and Dimitri's wedding, so I was a very happy photographer (yes, I get giddy over things like light :-)...)  Take a look at some of these photos ... you'll see what I mean!  It really was just perfect.

Thank you Emily and Dimitri!  We wish you many years of love and happiness!


Band:  Nightlife
Bakery: Jaques 

See ... the light!
 I loved the detailing on the bottom of Emily's dress!

 Emily's eyes actually sparkled in the sun all day!  She looked absolutely stunning!
 OK, so I know this photo doesn't go with the rest of the post, but I was so proud of Mike for getting this photo of Dimitri's grandparents holding hands.  Something about this photo just touched my heart so I had to share it!  
 Yup!  They're married!

 You don't get sunsets like this every day!  

... and they danced the night away!

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