Monday, August 2, 2010

Weddings NH Photography | Bedford Village Inn | Erin and Brett

Being a wedding photographer there are many customs and traditions that we see time and time again.  I thought I had seen them all until Erin and Brett's wedding.  Erin's family is from Scotland and the tradition is for the bride to hold lucky horseshoes after the wedding and during the photographs.  I had never seen this before and I have to say that I loved it.  They were such a nice touch!  Mother Nature was a little finicky with us throughout the day, but we managed to squeeze in some photos and take advantage of the beautiful grounds at the Bedford Village Inn.  A big thank you to Nena and Adam, another fabulous couple we photographed last year, for sending Erin and Brett our way!  It was truly an honor to take part!

Mother Nature was just not going to cooperate before the ceremony, but Erin's parents had this gorgeous porch that I had an absolute blast with!

Such a cutie!

I loved all the pillars.

Brett was an Army Ranger and in honor of a friend and fellow soldier who lost his life all of the groomsmen wore these bracelets with his name.  It was a great tribute.

This is the same sword that Erin's parents used to cut their wedding cake.

Gotta love the teamwork for YMCA :)

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